Friday, December 7, 2012

In the interest of the holiday I have decided to educate the world on why ties are the best gift to give.  You may consider this to be a shameless advertisement for the greatest ETSY shop on earth: - and you are right.  

Top 5 Reasons Ties Are Ideal For Gift Giving

1. Inexpensive shipping costs.
Being away from loved ones during the holidays is bad enough.  There is no need to make it worse by adding large shipping costs to send your heart felt gift across the U.S or the world.  Tie weights vary but most can ship for as little as $1.64 via the USPS... and up to $ 5.50 going to Canada.  

2. A gentleman can never have too many ties.
Ties are to men, what hair accessories are to women.  You can never have too many.   Some are expensive and some aren't.  Some you like to wear for a night on the town, and others for a casual lunch.  Some you wear to church, because you know your kid will end up playing with it and will get "kid goobers" all over it.  When you are tired of the same old suit, an appropriate accessory can give it new life.  Certainly, all of us know someone who has everything.  These people are impossible to shop for....unless you buy them a tie-of course.

3. You can find them on the cheap.
I love the beautiful silks and fabrics that ties are made from.  Ties are costly.  If you want to go on the cheap-head to Ross or T.J Maxx.  You will find beautiful ties that can go as low as $8.99 for brands like "Kenneth Cole" "Tommy Hilfiger" and the like.  Another fun way to go on the cheap is to visit your local thrift store.  Often times you can find them with tags still on.  Last year I went to the "Volunteers of America" on 1/2 off day and purchased a $79.00 Italian silk tie for $3.50.  It still had the tags on.  
You can also find vintage gems at the thrift store.  Classic ties that last forever.  It's not gross to buy a used necktie.  The previous owner most likely did not get armpit sweat on it, or taint it with farticles (particles from a fart).  You can dazzle it up by with a bow and a nice gift tag.

I told you this was a shameless plug for my shop.  But seriously, Etsy has a large selection of ties to choose from.  Many shop owners will make custom orders if you contact them.  So, you can get something original, at a decent price, and a great feeling for supporting handmade!

5. There's something perfect for everyone.
You can please the sports fan with a "BYU Football" necktie.  Make that professor giggle with his very own bowtie.  Fabrics in all colors and styles to match the personalities of those you know.  You can give one to your boss because it's professional.  You can give an UGLY one as a gag gift to your brother-in-law because he is a jackass and likes that sort of thing. You can give a tiny one to your daughter-in-law who is about to have her 1st baby boy.  The possibilities are endless.

To conclude, I would like to wish you all happy gift giving and getting.  I also want to wish you a Happy Holiday and New Year.  May God bless us all, and may you always find the perfect tie for any occasion.