Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hall Boys

Jenifer was going to her brothers wedding and the bride requested that her boys wear orange ties. ORANGE? Where on Earth can one find and ORANGE tie? Never fear-kellybowbelly is here! Jenifer was nice enough to send some pics of her cute boys! If you have pics of your kiddos in kellybowbelly gear I would LOVE to put them on the blog! Please email them to me at: or you can post them on my kellybowbelly facebook page at:

I definitely need the parents permission in order to post pics of the kids, so PLEASE don't email any pictures without Mom and Dad knowing!

Not only does Jenifer make handsome babies-but she has an awesome etsy shop! She makes cute stenciled clothing for kids and women. This is my favorite shirt! I have been wanting to get it since I first saw it! Check out her store: