Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Argyle Skirts at KBB

I couldn't resist this fabric when I saw it! Libby is my 5 year old and is growing like a weed! Not only is my baby girl growing up too fast for me-but it is HARD to find clothes to fit. She is long and VERY lean. Most clothing that fits her waist-is way, way, way too short. So I sewed up this longer skirt with the hope that although she may get taller-this skirt will be long enough for a while. Click this post title for pricing and to make orders. Arizonians in the east valley are welcome to pick up orders to escape shipping costs...just send me a note.

I made Camille a skirt to match. It doesn't have the swirls on top and has a ribbed waist. These waists stretch forever so this skirt can be worn for years. When they get too short, i just put leggings underneath.
For some reason, Camille likes to make funny faces for all pictures. That's my girl!