Sunday, August 7, 2011

The inspiration behind the JUMBO bowtie

My little boy was and is the biggest surprise of my life. After 2 girls, I was SURPRISED to be pregnant again. And our little man decided to be modest during his ultra sounds. We assumed we would have another girl. Girls out number boys on my hubby's side and mine. December 1, 2007 came and he entered this world with no crying or fuss. We named him Charlie. My maiden name is Chambers and that became his middle name. We chose Chambers, to name him after my Dad. There had already been several Kevin Jr's and Charlie Chambers has a nice ring to it.

I now had a baby boy and he MUST have accessories, so I worked on creating a small tie out of
a pattern for larger boys. Dr. Kevin Chambers played a professor well and took every opportunity to wear bow ties. So of course, his name sake needed one too! That is how the kellybowbelly JUMBO bow tie was born.

I'm glad Dad got to see my creation
before he died. At the age of 57 (Charlie was 1.5 yrs), Poppa died when his plane crashed on the Utah/Idaho border. That was 2 years ago to this day. We miss him lots and are grateful for the time we had with him. As a tribute, all the grandsons (the noble few) wore bow ties to the funeral.