Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Hansen (handsome) Kids

The Hansen Family look like they should be in an advertisement for Disneyland. It's amazing that a group this size could get by without producing at least one 'ugly duckling'- I mean, there's always one, right? What is even more amazing is that they are incredibly NICE. That word is a big compliment in my book. Amber (a mother of 4, if you can believe it) dolled up her babies in "kellybowbelly" gear for church. Thanks for the picture!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Kids

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I didn't get a chance to post these in my shop this year. My dear mother-in-law gets all her grand babies new outfits at Christmas and has their pictures taken. This year, she picked out fabric and had me make skirts. These kiddos looked SO CUTE! The hard part is getting everyone to hold still at the same time!

These 3 are my babies. Left to right are: Libby June (5), Charlie Chambers(2), and Camille Rose(4 on Jan 25Th). These kids are my inspiration. When I was 5, my mom started teaching me to sew. I never thought I would really use it as an adult. But when I got married, we were POOR and I got creative. I began sewing things out of old clothes and clearance fabrics. Everything Mom ever taught about sewing came back to me. Now, I can sew things that I can't find. I get to create the things I imagine and I owe it all to my mom and my sweet babies!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Argyle Skirts at KBB

I couldn't resist this fabric when I saw it! Libby is my 5 year old and is growing like a weed! Not only is my baby girl growing up too fast for me-but it is HARD to find clothes to fit. She is long and VERY lean. Most clothing that fits her waist-is way, way, way too short. So I sewed up this longer skirt with the hope that although she may get taller-this skirt will be long enough for a while. Click this post title for pricing and to make orders. Arizonians in the east valley are welcome to pick up orders to escape shipping costs...just send me a note.

I made Camille a skirt to match. It doesn't have the swirls on top and has a ribbed waist. These waists stretch forever so this skirt can be worn for years. When they get too short, i just put leggings underneath.
For some reason, Camille likes to make funny faces for all pictures. That's my girl!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ok, so here is one of my favorite creations of all time. I am afraid people don't understand what it is. All the flowers are hairclips and the bowquet is a bowholder. You can take the clips on and off. You can hang the bowquet on the wall if you'd rather not keep it in the vase. Normally, my flower clips go for $4-5 a piece..this BOWquet has 9 flower clips AND a little, pink, bow. That's 10 clips, a bowholder and a bowband all for $36.00! That's about $2.70 per item! It's a great deal!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Argyle

Here's some more of the ever popular "argyle". Amber is pregnant with baby #5. Her oldest, Keythin, is followed by 3 little girls. Now Amber is about to have another boy! So for her shower I knew everyone would be getting her boy clothes, so I made her these.

They were a hit at Amber's 5th baby shower!

This is Amber's "Oh, I love it so much, I can't wait to see my baby in it." face.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hall Boys

Jenifer was going to her brothers wedding and the bride requested that her boys wear orange ties. ORANGE? Where on Earth can one find and ORANGE tie? Never fear-kellybowbelly is here! Jenifer was nice enough to send some pics of her cute boys! If you have pics of your kiddos in kellybowbelly gear I would LOVE to put them on the blog! Please email them to me at: or you can post them on my kellybowbelly facebook page at:

I definitely need the parents permission in order to post pics of the kids, so PLEASE don't email any pictures without Mom and Dad knowing!

Not only does Jenifer make handsome babies-but she has an awesome etsy shop! She makes cute stenciled clothing for kids and women. This is my favorite shirt! I have been wanting to get it since I first saw it! Check out her store:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi! This is my first blog entry for kellybowbellyblog. On this blog I plan to just keep a record of how I go about setting up my ETSY shop. Right now it is in it's embryonic stage-meaning I just started and it's the teeniest, tiniest thing. Basically, I am working on creating marketable merchandise and trying to get my name out there. Here's some pics of my favorite items.

This is the picture I have been using to promote my shop. I have it on my business cards and the tags for my items. I plan to put it on some address labels too. It seems to catch the eye. The argyle fabric is from "Hobby Lobby"( hereafter referred to as HL). I don't think there are alot of HL's in the US. I could be wrong. But I thought maybe if there aren't alot of them, then people will not see this fabric alot, and may be drawn to my shop because of the unique fabric.

And this is a necktie out of the same fabric. The one above is a bowtie. They are already tied and can be put around the neck with's easier for moms that way! I love having Charlie (my son-19 months) look like a little man a church. It is hard to get neckties year round for boys and when you DO find them, most have race cars and stuff. That stuff is fine I suppose, but I like this better.

Well I wasn't planning on doing skirts in my shop but I had the cute argyle fabric and thought, "I should make a skirt for my girls, then they can match Charlie." And then I thought, "Hey! Other peeps like thier kids to match too!" So I threw these on my shop as an after-thought and they are the most popularly viewed items! Cool! A few people have told me they plan to come to me when family pics come up. I hope they don't all come to me at the same time....but they probably will around November....close to Christmas you know!
I think I would like to try putting some of this fabric on a headband. You know the plastic kind. I think it would look super cute, and if someone buys the skirt they may see the headband and just HAFTA buy it too!
I can see this blog is helping me already! I have so many ideas floating around and I need to record them. I don't want to forget headbands and now I can look back and see that I made a note of my idea. Your comments are welcome too. I would like to know what you think.